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28-Oct-2017 06:53

Stack Overflow Q&A site also tried to answer a question: how to realize one-on-one conversation between a human and a chat bot?

Nothing simpler than creating a chat bot by reading and following this step-by-step guide Writing your first Facebook chat bot in PHP using Jaxl library written by a PHP developer Abhinav Singh.

It's OK to Google someone before a date or check them out quickly on Facebook, but no good comes from memorizing their history or scrounging for information about their exes."Don't do dinner.

Sitting down to a meal means you'll be stuck for at least an hour.

As a first thought – when I think about a girl I’m to be set up with: Maybe there’s a good reason she doesn’t have any men around.

It sucks the best part of any first date right into a vast vortex of hell somewhere under New Jersey.

The tamarind is the secret ingredient and really enhances the flavors in this salad.

Not only wonderful in this dish, tamarind is a fantastic addition to curries, marinades, desserts and even cocktails.

AIML, Artificial Intelligence Markup Language developed by Richard Wallace, constitutes an open standard for creating your own chat bot.

If you think about it – this isn’t necessarily an idea with just your benefit in mind.

Aren’t we the least bit concerned that our single friend(s) may never get a date?

It’s not like there’s going to be group sex – somebody will get dropped off and there might be a handshake.

You kinda have to go through with it at this point, don’t you?[on (2004)] "Renegade" is edgy and it's fresh, new, and faces topics that need to be talked about and not necessarily by adults, but by us.